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Pretty sure...

Posted on 2013.10.06 at 19:18
...that I will set up a new journal. Probably temporarily, possibly long-term. I want to be able to participate in fic communities, and with Yuletide coming up, it's going to be hard to avoid LJ. If I DON'T create a new journal, I probably won't be very active on here (other than in comms and for Yuletide) for the foreseeable future. I'm really sorry about that, but I've found that my life and mental state has improved a thousandfold when, among other things, I avoid using this journal.

In either case, this journal will never be deleted. I've had this nick since high school and this journal since 2002, and nothing can make me throw that away. I do get comment notifications e-mailed, and I'd quite like to keep using it for Yuletide and fic. Like I said, we'll see how that goes.

I'm sorry if all this sounds dramatic; I'm actually in a pretty good place right now. However: I've disabled the comment section on this post for a reason: even talking about this, on here, makes me slightly uncomfortable. I would ask that if you read this, you do not contact me about it anywhere else. I am putting this post up for information purposes only.

Engage tension breaker... OK BYEEEE Tension breaker engaged.


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