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Kat's Evil Mega-Global Journal

Always secretly ironic

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Porn Administration Fairy of Rationalistan
29 June 1978


I am Kat's userinfo page. You may consider me an introduction of sorts. Herein you will find the semi-daily rantings and sometimes ravings of a clearly Norwegian woman-person. I am heavily influenced by a mid-nineties Amiga games magazine, as is she. Other things can be found in the "interests" slot, and really, if you want to know about her why aren't you reading the journal proper? Oh all right.

Things I do:

@ Make words into different words
@ Write things. About things and also stuff
@ Travel far too extravagantly/frequently
@ Sing
@ Cause merriment by means of joculation

There are other things, but you will find them out eventually. Incidentally, my mood-theme is made by spacemonkeyluvn.

I bid you good-day.

I'm writing David Lister for fanfic100. My table is here.

Communities moderated and/or created by me:
sf_book_reviews - the only science fiction book community on LJ
gencon - a community for GenCon, the gaming convention
about_norway - everything you ever wanted or needed to know about Norway
ccharlespics - Pictures. Of Craig Charles. What it says on the label, Maam.

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